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Tibet usually popular for having the world's highest plateau is also known as the Roof of the World" as the average height of the whole region is more than 4,000 meters (16,500ft.) above sea level. It lies on Tibet Plateau of the southwest border of China. The highest peak of Tibet, also the highest in Himalayas and in the whole world, is the Everest Peak, which is as high as 8,846.27 meters above sea level.

Till today, Tibet still remains one of the most interesting, mysterious, enchanting, remote and underdeveloped parts of the world. Its transformation from a warring and aggressive to a peaceful, pious and gentlepeople by the influence of Buddhism, is very amazing. Its isolation nearly tills the second half of the twentieth century; its diverse climatic and geographical conditions strongly attract people of all types from historians, adventurers, pilgrims and so on.

Nearly all Tibetans follow Tibetan Buddhism, known as Lamaism, with the exception of approximately 2,000 followers of Islam and 600 of Catholicism. Tibetan Buddhism was greatly influenced by Indian Buddhism in its early time, but after years of evolution, Tibetan Buddhism has developed its own distinctive qualities and practices. A well-known example is the belief that there is a Living Buddha, who is the reincarnation of the first, a belief alien to Chinese Buddhism.


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Nepal has always kept pace with the world. It is said that nearly every movement that has influenced the west has influenced Nepal too. Of course, tourists bring these waves with them. In fifties Nepal propagat...